A simple guide to marble worktops

A simple guide to marble worktops

Discover the benefits of choosing a marble kitchen worktop

If you want to give your kitchen a real sense of soul, a natural stone like marble could be a great choice for you. Find out why marble is the perfect material to bring a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to your kitchen space.

What is marble?

Marble, a stunning metamorphic rock, forms when limestone is put under intense pressure and heat, resulting in its distinctive marbling pattern. Think of it like a piece of nature’s artistry, ready to elevate your kitchen space.

Top 3 reasons to choose marble

• Natural beauty: Marble showcases nature’s artistry. In its purest form, it’s white in colour but can range from soft pinks, greys, blues to vibrant greens, and bold reds, adorned with intricate veining and patterns.

• Uniqueness: Embrace the charm of natural irregularities that make your marble worktop one-of-a-kind.

• Luxurious look and feel: Nothing says style and sophistication quite like a kitchen kitted out with marble worktops. Bring the wow factor to your home with marble worktops.

What to expect from marble

• Natural variation: Every marble block is cut into slabs. This means slight variations may occur, adding a touch of uniqueness to each piece.

• Sealing for durability: Marble’s porous nature requires regular sealing to prevent absorption, especially in high-use areas like worktops.

• Perfectly imperfect: Marble, being a natural material, may have small pits or holes where crystals are not fully adhered. Some pits are filled with resin, depending on the stone type.

• Scratching and etching: Marble, being a softer stone, can scratch. Choose honed marble to make scratch marks less visible. Marble is also prone to etching from acid reactions, which create dull spots.

• Heat and thermal shock: While marble can withstand moderate heat, using trivets for hot pans is advisable to prevent thermal shock or surface discoloration.

How to care for marble

• Sealing: Regularly apply a suitable sealant to maintain your marble’s performance and prevent absorption of substances.

• Daily care: Wipe with a moist, soft cloth using a mild soapy solution or recommended granite and marble cleaners. Avoid abrasive materials and acid-based cleaners for long-lasting beauty.

• Clean up fast: Swiftly remove spills, especially acid-based or strongly coloured substances, to prevent staining and etching. Coasters, mats, and boards add an extra layer of protection.

• Deep clean: Periodically use products like Lithofin Wexa or DryTreat Rejuvenata, tailored to the applied sealant, for a thorough cleaning.

A marble worktop combines beauty, durability, and functionality, making it a popular and reliable choice for kitchen spaces. Discover our range of marble worktops now and let Plan-It Stone bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

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