A simple guide to ceramics and sintered stone worktops

Discover the benefits of choosing ceramics and sintered stone kitchen worktops

A simple guide to ceramics

Choosing the right worktop is a crucial stage in your kitchen upgrade. With ceramics and sintered stone, you have a huge range of options – from classic and sleek designs to bold, vibrant hues. Discover the benefits of choosing these versatile materials for your kitchen worktop.


What are ceramics and sintered stone?

Imagine a worktop that seamlessly mimics the luxurious appeal of marble or granite, engineered for everyday use. Ceramics and sintered stone are crafted by pressing ceramic clays and mineral colourings, shaping them into large, customisable slabs that are printed on and fired.

Top 3 reasons to choose ceramics and sintered stone


Ceramics and sintered stone offer a wide range of colours and patterns, providing the versatility to mimic various materials such as marble, quartz, granite, concrete, wood, and metal.


Ceramics and sintered stone can be used for various applications – indoor worktops, flooring, walls, and cladding.

Built to last

When you invest in a kitchen worktop, you want it to withstand the rigors of daily life. Ceramics and sintered surfaces are non-porous, so there’s no need for sealing.

What to expect from ceramics and sintered surfaces

Consistent worktops

High consistency in colours and patterns due to digital imagery, allowing imitation of marble, quartz, granite, concrete, wood, and metal


Ceramics and sintered surfaces are suitable for outdoor spaces, indoor worktops, flooring, walls, and cladding

Customisable thickness

Slabs are available in varying thicknesses for creating a sleek or deeper work surface appearance

No need to seal

As a non-porous surface, there’s no need for sealing. However, exposed edges may require treatment, including masonry wax colouring


Excellent heat and scratch resistance compared to other surfaces. It’s safe to put hot pans on the work surface or cut directly without a chopping board. However, we’d always advise caution

How to care for ceramic and sintered stone

Daily care

Wipe the worktop with a damp cloth and a little bit of soapy water. Rinse the cloth, wipe the surface again to get rid of soap, and finish with a quick buff using a clean, dry cloth. Never use abrasive cloths or scouring pads

Avoid weight

Avoid standing or sitting on the surface or placing heavy objects on weaker points like joins and cut-outs

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Excellent communication and service, magnificent granite and attention to detail when fitting, friendly, highly experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff, and an all-round first class service and product delivery
Ingrid Johannesson
Wayne and the team, were brilliant great product looks stunning in our new kitchen. we are very happy and the finish is outstanding
Nick Harris
Very happy with our new kitchen worktops. Great to go into the showroom and view all the different colours. Also very helpful advice and quick turn around time to install as soon as we gave the green light
Richard Blythe

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