A simple guide to quartz

A simple guide to quartz

Discover the benefits of choosing a quartz kitchen worktop.

Is quartz the right choice for your kitchen worktop? Combining timeless style with easy use, quartz can turn your kitchen into a space that’s uniquely yours. Discover the benefits of a material that combines the beauty of natural quartz minerals with resins, polymers, and pigments to create a surface that’s not only stylish, but also remarkably durable.

What is quartz?

Quartz is a manmade material crafted by crushing natural quartz minerals and blending them with resins, polymers, and pigments. The process involves moulding, compressing, and heating to create sturdy slabs, resulting in a highly durable surface that’s easy to maintain.

Available in a broad range of colours and patterns, from sleek plain surfaces to striking granite and marble look-alikes, quartz offers something for everyone.

Top 3 reasons to choose quartz

• Easy care: Quartz not only makes your kitchen look stylish but also saves you from a lot of trouble. It doesn’t get scratched or chipped easily, so your worktop stays looking good without a lot of work.

• Each slab is unique: Each quartz slab can replicate the unique pattern of marble, so you can enjoy having a kitchen worktop that’s a little bit special.

• Lots of options available: With many colours and patterns available, you can make your kitchen look just the way you want with quartz. Whether you like a modern style or the classic look of granite and marble. Plus, there’s an option to suit most budgets.

What to expect from quartz:

• Different patterns: Each quartz slab is one-of-a-kind, adding a unique touch to your kitchen. Stain-resistant for peace of mind: Quartz doesn’t stain easily. Just wipe spills up quickly to keep it looking fresh.

• No sunbathing: Use quartz inside, not outside in direct sunlight.

• Watch out for hot stuff: Use trivets to protect the worktop from hot things and keep it looking good.

• Use a chopping board: Even though quartz doesn’t scratch easily, using a chopping board is always a good idea.

How to care for quartz:

• Daily cleaning: Wipe the worktop with a damp cloth and a little bit of soapy water or a daily granite and marble cleaner. Rinse the cloth, wipe the surface again to get rid of soap, and finish with a quick buff using a clean, dry cloth.

• Clean-up quickly: If you spill something, use a kitchen towel to soak it up fast. Follow up with the daily cleaning routine to stop spills from leaving a mark.

• Skip the harsh chemicals: Don’t use strong cleaning products with high pH levels, or scrubbers that can scratch.

If consistency and durability is what you’re looking for, quartz deserves a top spot on your shortlist. Its resilience makes it a standout choice for a stylish and long-lasting kitchen. Discover our range of quartz now and let Plan-It Stone make your kitchen dreams come true.

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Wayne and the team, were brilliant great product looks stunning in our new kitchen. we are very happy and the finish is outstanding
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